Publicly available source code for some of our various projects

Tiktok Chat Overlay

HTML – Node.js TikTok chat overlay for OBS

View Code Nov 2022

Docker PHP App

PHP – Simple dockerized PHP app

View Code Sep 2022

SMW SpriteList

HTML – Tool for Lunar Magic to show available sprites for any selected Sprite Memory or specific GFX files. Built for SMW hacking

View Code Jul 2022

Docker NGINX PHP74 MariaDB

Dockerfile – Very basic docker-compose setup for NGINX, PHP 7.4, and MariaDB

View Code Jul 2020


PHP – PHP-based toolset to programmatically control TP-Link Smart Plugs

View Code Dec 2018

Processing Sketches


View Code Aug 2018

RPI Distributed File Conversion


View Code Jul 2018

Chrome jQuery Injector

JavaScript – Run custom jQuery code on any website. Includes an easy to use code editor.

View Code Jul 2018

p5.js Sketches

JavaScript – Random sketches done in p5.js

View Code Apr 2018

Audio Merger

JavaScript – Web app to merge multiple audio files into a single file with file uploads and drag+drop

View Code Apr 2018

HTML – Repo for

View Code Apr 2018

WikiPedia Networth Revisions

PHP – Analyze specific Wikipedia entries for networth values over time

View Code Apr 2018

eBay JS Search

PHP – HTML/JS eBay search tool

View Code Apr 2018

Video Thumbnail Scroller

PHP – Scroll horizontally along thumbnail to preview segment in video

View Code Apr 2018

Node Drawer

JavaScript – Multi-tenant drawing board powered by node.js

View Code Apr 2018

Agario Clone

JavaScript – Basic HTML+JS Canvas clone

View Code Apr 2018

Sprite Describer

PHP – Tool for game dev to group and name sprites on a spritesheet

View Code Apr 2018

p5 A Star Pathfinding

JavaScript – A p5 sketch of the A* pathfinding algorithm, including restart with random map generation

View Code Mar 2018

p5 Double Pendulum

JavaScript – A p5 sketch of a double pendulum animation, including drag+drop and variable sliders

View Code Feb 2018


PHP – Social Media Tracker

View Code Feb 2018


JavaScript – Tile miner built in phaser.js

View Code Dec 2017

YouTube Trending Data Analyzer

PHP – Analytic tools for YouTube Trending data

View Code Dec 2017

SublimeText3 Sunburst Modified

Modified version of original Sunburst color scheme from Sublime Text 2

View Code Sep 2017



View Code Jul 2017


View Code Jul 2017

IMDb Spider

PHP – Old PHP IMDb spider scripts used in 2013

View Code Aug 2016

Random Imgur Images

HTML – Show random images from Imgur

View Code Aug 2016

Game Boilerplate

C++ – A boilerplate for building small games using SFML/Thor w/Sublime Text 2 and GCC to build/compile

View Code Jan 2016

Phaser Shell

JavaScript – A quick start shell for Phaser, the JavaScript game framework.

View Code May 2015


PHP – Website engine

View Code Apr 2015

Weather Radar

HTML – Simple weather radar page. Might turn into a group of weather-related tools.

View Code Apr 2015


PHP – Trait class for delayed cache object loading

View Code Aug 2013


PHP – MVC PHP engine

View Code Aug 2013

PolygonalSine Canvas

JavaScript – A recreation of 1ucasvb's Polygonal Sine in the HTML5 canvas element.

View Code Apr 2013

PHP WikiPedia Syntax Parser

PHP – Given raw contents and title of a Wikipedia article, this will output highly useful information in an organized fashion.

View Code Jul 2012

WikiPedia Data Dump Parser

PHP – A PHP/MySQL-powered SAX single-script tool to parse the incredibly large Wikipedia Data Dump into relatively manageable resources.

View Code Jun 2012


My attempt at a web developer's toolset, much like a physician's desk reference.

View Code Jun 2012
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