Web development house in North Dallas that builds interesting things on the internet.


JungleDB is an entity graph driven to collectively connect all forms of information. JungleDB currently has over 175 million facts and 1200GB of media about 6.5 million things inside its knowledge graph. JungleDB is under private development.

PlentyOfFish Enhancer is a chrome extension that improves on the PlentyOfFish interface and functionality.

Unicode character list is a nearly complete list of all ascii unicode/utf-8 characters.

MarketPug provides SEO tools and services to keep your business ahead.

About Don Wilson

Don has attained a wealth of experience from more than a decade of building complex and highly trafficked websites. Learning HTML on a family road trip kick-started his passion for learning every intricate detail of web development. Besides building functionality for Celebrity Net Worth, Don works with his network of clientelle and is actively building the next Pyxol property, JungleDB. Follow Don Wilson on Google+ and browse his articles.